Each quarter, we help our clients solve their biggest problems.

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and are trained to discover trends and process datasets to propose solutions. We conduct thorough research, campus-wide surveys, and benchmarking analyses to gain critical insights.

Past clients include have included Mayfest, Chicago Field Studies, AlumTalks, The Starter League, The Daily Northwestern, Northwestern Department of Economics, STITCH Fashion Magazine.

The ASG project was led by Lily Highman. The group looked into the Three Unrelated Ordinance Law in Evanston. This law prohibits more than three unrelated tenants from living in the same apartment or house. Lily’s team ultimately found that the law acts against the best interests of students at NU by raising rent prices for off-campus houses.

The Accenture project was lead by Andrew Glanville. The group identified how to enter the US Digital Health Market. They did this by analyzing the profitability of four submarkets in the digital health market, EHR, Wireless Health, Mobile Health, and Telehealth. Ultimately, the group recommended that the client enter the US digital health market through the Wireless Health Market.

The City of Evanston project was lead by Eric Xi. The group investigated how electric vehicle (EV) growth in Evanston would affect greenhouse gas emissions over the next few years, and whether there is need for more charging stations. They accomplished this by gathering and analyzing annual data from charging stations in the Evanston area to determine their use and what the potential growth in electricity consumption would be. Ultimately the group recommended that the city use incentive programs such as discounted parking fares or preferential parking locations to boost EV use.

The AccessibleNU project was lead by Yahia El Bsat. The group aimed to optimize the exam taking processes at AccessibleNU, the testing center for students with disabilities at NU. They accomplished this by analyzing previous exam and proctoring data. Ultimately the group recommended to schedule all of the exams early on in the quarter so that there would be less confusion closer to the actual time of the exam.

The Local project was lead by Catherine Canby. Local, a taskrabbit esque app on which jobs are posted for students to complete, needed to increasing the size of its labor force. The team decided to interview and survey students to determine their awareness of and interest in the start-up. Ultimately, the group provided the Local team with a multi-pronged marketing strategy that would include a pop-up shop in the Norris student center, partnerships with local stores and coffee shops, and a referral program.